The firm of Metals successfully works in the metal market since May, 1993. The constantly extending range of metal plate, rolled iron and metal pipes provides the maximum satisfaction of the client's requirements. There are more than 100 metal-rolls names at the firm's storehouses every day.
The presence of branch line and frame crane at the main firm's storehouse (Egor'evskii street, 4) provides the quick processing of large metal quantity.

The firm realises the delivery of metal and pipes by means of motor transport (the kind of tracks is MAZ of 12 meters length by weight-lifting capacity of 16-18 tons).

Since 1996 the firm's information bureau prints "The REFERENCE BOOK of SUPPLY AGENT".
This reference book is intended, first of all, for managers of supply department, engineering personnel, bookkeepers of the different enterprises using the metal production in the operation, managers of corporations realising the metal-roll, employees of the enterprises and firms those are frequently confronted with problems of definition of exact weight and standard size of negotiated metal-roll and purchased metal-roll (by the foremen, forwarding agents, stockkeepers, storekeepers etc.)

This reference book enables to receive the most necessary information in a condensed form about steel grade, ferrous metals assortment, metae, electrodes. The different classifiers of steels and standards of lengths and ferrous metal assortment specific gravities, the extended information about metae are expounded therein. The references on updated all-Union State Standards, branch standards and technical specifications are given therein.
The publishing house "Firm of Metals limited" publishes a series "The Reference book of SUPPLY AGENT" since 1996. "The Reference book of SUPPLY AGENT" is constantly updated, periodic, scientific and technical edition on building and industry standards devoted to the following themes:
- Steel and alloy grades;
- Non-ferrous metals;
- Metal-roll;
- Tube rolling;
- Valves;
- Metae;
- Cable production;
- Electric-bulb production;
- Window and door assemblies;
- Woodworking material.
The reference book includes the production and semi-finished products technical specification (sizes, mass etc.) on each theme necessary on project perform calculations, an order of materials, transportation and construction. The information in the reference book is basically given in the form of tables accompanied with schemes and pamphlets. The authors were guided by the original all-Union State Standards, branch standards, technical specifications, DIN in text.

The reference book is updated on the average two times per one year on each subjects with an allowance for the changes which are inserted into the standards and according to wishes of the consumers to expand an assortment of included products and materials.

"The Reference book of Supplier" is published in the following formats:
- А5 - as the most complete reference edition intended for the managers, middle managers and high managers of enterprises;
- pocket-book - is intended for use in "field conditions";
- on compact discs - is intended for use at the computerised offices and warehouses.

A series "Look before you leap..." is published in format А5 since 2002 in which the most frequently used in daily operation standards are assembled.
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